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Heiko Reisser, qualified engineer for water management. 28 years ago he found his love for Cairn Terriers. Now he is chairman of the local terrier group, called OG Burgdorfer Land, chairman of the regional committee of LG Lower Saxony and race representative of the Cairn Terrier in the national Club for Terriers. Besides playing trumpet he loves to go with 6 Cairn Terriers for long walks in the fields, to visit dog exhibitions and to stay in touch with a lot of Cairn Terrier friends all over the world.


Monika Reisser has fun breeding and attending dog shows, due to her love to Cairn Terriers. She learned trimming and grooming the Cairns in Denmark and is specialized in rough coated terriers. She is teaching dog owners in trimming their dogs themselves. She is breedmaster in the district of Lower Saxony and "mother" of the local group called OG Burgdorfer Land.

In addition, she is the author of the Cairn Terrier book (published in 1999 by Kosmos-Franckh) and an author of different magazine articles, too. With her knowledge gained by working at the medical practices of a physician and a veterinary surgeon and by pushing ahead the organisation "Cairns in distress" she supports her husband doing his tasks.


Meanwhile, the boys grew up with the Cairn Terriers and witnessed a couple of dog generations. Cord and Falko support their parents by dog sitting.


And so it goes on:

Cord and Tanja created their own kennel "Glenroses" in the end of the year 2000. They are now successful breeders of Airedale and Cairn Terriers.

Christian loves his male Cairn Terrier "Rocket" and his female shepherd dog "Dana"

Falko, Natalie and Silas live together with the female Cairn Terrier "Pearl" and two cats. They already consider having their own kennel.


Silas with his proud parents Natalie and Falco

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