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A Day with Us


Our senior dog "Aaro" (second from left) is 15 years old now. He determines most of the daily and nightly routine. If he is hungry or wants to be taken for a walk he barks. Frauchen says: "He behaves like an old man in a retirement home." Lunch has to be on the table on time. We look carefully how this is done, because we want to be kept well when we grow old. Herrchen and Frauchen complain when they have get up at night, but they can compensate this by having an after-lunch nap, because Herrchen is in semi-retirement now. That's fine, because we don't have to get up early any more and he takes us for an extra walk through the fields.

Some other things have changed, too. The "red bus" is now "grey" and looks much snazzier. "Lenchen" lives with her girlfriend in Burgdorf and "Dörte" and "Lotta" have taken over the hunting.


We have a whole lot of fun when Herrchen switches on the fountain. We try to catch the many waterbubbles which emerge from a stone or a frog.



During winter Frauchen is afraid that we may break into the ice. Therefore, we are only allowed to go into the main garden under supervision and we only can play for ourselves in the garden next to the kitchen.


The Old Story

Early in the morning at five o'clock we get up and take a walk in the fields with Herrchen. Sometimes, when he doesn't notice it at once, we run away. Oh, what a mess! The well-behaved old Cairns do come back when he whistles but we, the young ones, don't!

In this case, Frauchen is woken up and has to help searching. Sometimes, she finds us using her seventh' sense, but when we are missing two ours or more she calls the police. They know us well, because two policemen live in our street and known that we are "usually" well-behaved. This is only a precautionary measure, hitherto, all of us came home unharmed somehow and it doesn't happen to often that we run away. If there is new snow we have great fun and Frauchen has to track us by our footprints which she finds ... Furthermore, she has a red camping bus which we know very well. Usually we travel to dog shows with it, but when we see it in the fields we known that we will be picked up now. Unfortunately, one needs light to see it at all, so it often takes some time until we meet.

On those days, we do not get a tasty breakfast as usual. During the following days we hear words like "Bastards", "Peasants" or so and everyone takes very great care that we don't find a possibility to run away again.




During the morning is our resting period unless Frauchen hat to trim another dog which we greet enthusiastically. When the weather is fine, we sit on the wooden stairs in front of the kitchen and watch other dogs walking by. Frauchen knows from the sound of our barking if it is friend or foe, and we have to shut up anyway.

At noon it smells good from the kitchen and we get a tasty bowl full of food. Then everyone runs into their own box to eat undisturbed so that the fast eaters do not steal the food from the slower ones. Then we take a rest until Herrchen comes back.




We notice this a once, because the siren goes off, which means that "Lenchen" sings and howls in a high pitch until Herrchen is in the house. We don't let him time to have coffee, because to be taken for a walk is our highest pleasure. It doesn't matter if it rains, snows or it is very hot. The farmers have set up some very large drinking bowls for us. You don't believe that? They call them hydrants for field irrigation, but we don't care. They are great for drinking and splashing around. This is great fun, we run across the fields, hunt crows and try to catch mice. Sometimes, we put a new dog in town to flight who doesn't know our pack. With well-known dogs we play around until Herrchen moves on.

He takes great care that we don't chase wild animals. Once, we spoiled a hunter's shot when we scared away some deers. We ended up with thorns in our feet and Herrchen had to excuse our behavior by giving some "calming water" to the hunter. Apart from that, the farmers and hunters like us. The stop with their cars or tractors until we are all on the leach again or sit down as ordered, because we are well-behaved. Frauchen thinks, we are "dirty pigs" when we come back from walking but we are clean one or two hours later. Then we are allowed to jump onto the sofa. The boys always but we girls only, when Frauchen has time for us. This is a bit unjust but they say, we girls are so restless. Anyway, we are vivid Cairn Terriers and not plush toys. Perhaps Herrchen rather wants to have plush toys when going to bed. Then he wouldn't have to go out with us again. The boys are allowed to go into the bedroom. They have got their own box with a drinking bowl, which we girls find somehow unfair. Therefore, we go on the rampage at night when we hear "burglars". That's it, folks.


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