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Keep your eyes open when buying a puppy

The Americans call it „to adopt a dog“ when they buy one. This is a fitting term, because you have do make sure beforehand, that you have enough time and money for him and that you have got the powers of self-assertion. Furthermore, you need to know the typical properties of his breed and the requirements for feeding and care. Eventually, such a little guy will be a family member for the next fifteen years or so. 



Requirements for the owner

When you have made the decision for a Cairn Terrier, the choice of the kennel is most important to get a healthy and wonderful companion. It should be owned by a distinguished breeder, who is a member of a breeder's association, like the KfT (Klub für Terrier) in Germany. The upbringing has a big influence on the dog's life, even from the first days on. The parents and siblings and the other dogs in the kennel have to be friendly and open-minded and have to get along with each other very well. The Cairn Terrier is a family member which will go through thick and thin with you. You have to take him for an adequate walk daily so he can get rid of his energy, play around and make new experiences. He is not a dog to be kept locked in the kennel at all times, except when the owner likes to take him out. Keeping him in such a way will affect his mental health.

A Cairn Terrier is a big dog with a small outline. He will take part in everything you or your family want to do. He will love you and expects to be loved, too. Despite being a roughneck and his pert and self-confident appearance, he is sensitive and cuddly. Having fun, playing games and working on a training ground will get him in top form. He has to be educated with love but also rigorously to show him his limits from the start on.

He likes the company of other animals. He even recognises rabbits and cats in the household as members of his pack if he has been accustomed to them as early as possible. On the other hand, he will still like chasing the neighbour's cat or wild rabbits. A Cairn Terrier is used to live in a pack, so he needs regular contact to other dogs, even as a puppy. Therefore, it is recommended to take him to the puppy class of a dog school.

It speaks for itself, that many owners of a Cairn Terrier have not only one but two of these lovable dogs at home. They also don't hesitate to get another one, when their old comrade died after around fifteen years.

About taking care of the Cairn Terrier, there is not much to say here. It is sufficient to thoroughly comb his coat once a week with a steel comb. Depending on it's growth rate, the hair has to be trimmed two or three times a year. You can do this yourself after a short training or let your breeder do it. It is not advisable to take the Cairn Terrier to a dog parlour where he is shaven, because this leads to serious damage of the coat which can cause medical problems and allergies.



All important information for the time before and after buying a puppy you can find in the book "Cairn Terrier" published by Kosmos. Addresses of breeders are available from us or from the Klub für Terrier e.V. , Tel. +49 6107 7579-0 or -10 or, for example, from

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