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A book not only for every owner of a cairn terrier


Cairn Terrier
by Monika Reisser
Franckh-Kosmos Verlag, Stuttgart
ISBN 3-440-07774-8

Regardless if you intend to buy a cairn terrier or already have one, this book leaves no questions unanswered. It is written in a laid-back style and with a sense of humor by a cairn terrier breeder. You can find anything about choosing the right one for you, raising and educate your four-legged friend etc. The book also contains wonderful pictures showing the character of the cairn terriers, who twist their owners around their little paws with their charm, wits and sense of humor.



The Video

Cairn terriers, lovable goblins of every color and age can be admired in this video. One doesn't only learns to know the character and quirks of this breed but hears more about their care, trimming and feeding. Watching this video bears the danger to fall in love with them. An ideal present, not only for cairn terrier lovers.

Some copies are still available from us, the original publisher went out of business.

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